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What’s the Perfect Weight-Loss Menu?


Do you know what you’re really putting in your mouth? Dave Zinczenko, a nutritionist and the author of “Eat It to Beat It!,” says, “People are underestimating the calories of the food that’s put in front of them by 94 percent.”

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Why? One of the major reasons is misleading food marketing. “Food marketers want to convince you that everything is good for you,” Dave says. “So, you’ll see ‘reduced fat,’ which means it could have a ton of sugar, or it can say ‘low carb,’ which means it has a ton of fat.”

“Eat It to Beat It” gives readers an aisle-by-aisle guide to the healthiest options in both the supermarket and in restaurants so people have a better awareness of what they’re eating and can clean up their food choices. “If you can cut 100 calories a day, you would be 10 pounds lighter at the end of the year,” Dave says.

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So where can you make those cuts? Dave lays out his perfect weight-loss menu for an entire day of eating. For breakfast, he suggests Starbucks oatmeal, which contains 220 calories. “This is a great source of fiber and protein, which is exactly how you should start your day,” he says. For a late-morning snack, try Siggi’s vanilla yogurt. For lunch, eat a black-bean bowl from Helen’s Kitchen. “No MSG, no artificial anything.” After lunch, snack on a fruit and nut Kind bar. For dinner, stop by Longhorn Steakhouse for Flo’s Filet, which clocks in at 460 calories. End the day with a Kashi cookie, and you’ve only eaten 1,300 calories over the course of the day. That’s far below the average American’s 2,200-calorie daily diet.

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